Video Advertising in Iran

Video advertising in iran

Video advertising with the VAST standard and today’s technology, for the first time has become available for the advertisers and exhibitors through the Clickyab platform.
VAST is originally an acronym for the Video Ad Serving Template, and this standard has been developed for video ads; learn more


You can upload your videos (up to 30 seconds and 2MB) on the VAST infrastructure of Clickyab and show your message to the millions of users every day.


The price in the video ads is calculated based on the (CPV) display, and the cost will be calculated when the audience has seen the video ad to the end or has clicked on the advertising link. In other words, the complete view of the ads or clicking on the ads is not different in terms of the cost and the advertisers will pay the cost only once.

Ad format

The sizes of the video ads in Clickyab are standards (16:9), and the maximum size of the file with the mp4 format is 2 MB. The videos that contain images which are not consistent with the laws of Iran country will not be accepted.


After registering your media as the representor of the vide ads, you can receive the display code of the video ad and earn money through this way.

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