Advertising on the edge of the latest technologies in the world

The most updated and modern technologies of the world for advertising in Iran are at your disposal.

Fraud Detection

By the use of advanced technologies for fraud detection, Clickyab prevents any false and fake clicks made by users or bots.

A/B Testing

When you doubt about choosing the color, font, or sentence in your banner, this way will help you to choose the most appropriate design.

Conversion Rate Improvement

We provide you with information to see which of publishers have been more effective for your campaign. In this way, you will increase the rate of conversion to customer.

Unique Identity

By creating profiles for each user, Clickyab displays ads in a smart way based on users’ behaviors and attitudes.

Bidding Pricing

By bidding pricing system, you will determine the greatest amount of money that you would be willing to pay per click for your ads. The price of each click is a competitive number between the minimum price of the ad on the network and the maximum price of it that you specify and is calculated with the help of the advertising status value and based on the clicking rate of your banner.

Frequency of Ads Displaying

This service is a within-system capability that is used to limit the maximum number of displaying a particular banner to a specific user in a specified time interval.
For example, three visits (visitors) in 24 hours means that for each user, after displaying an ad three times in the remaining time of 24 hours, that ad does not
be showed for that visitor anymore. This service uses Cookies to remember the number of displaying the banner for each visitor.

Dynamic Ad

HTML5 ad producing manually or by the use of API based on customer services or products in different dimensions of ads is another intriguing facility that has become available for advertisers.

BTS Based Targeting

Clickyab allows you to display your ads on the users’ mobile phones in urban areas separately.

Fat Finger Accident

This technology will help us to detect and prevent incidental clicks on mobile, web, and application and will help to improve the traffic quality and decrease the costs of advertiser.