Clickyab Team

Pooya Rajamand

CEO and Founder of Clickyab

My focus in Clickyab is on building a powerful advertising tool and a friendly corporate culture. I founded Clickyab based on the experience of past successes and failures.

Mahdi Rashidian


Clickyab is the most attractive and the most loveable experience of my life. I hope that with Clickyab’s lovely young team We’ll be able to provide our customers the enjoyment of high-quality advertising aligned with world’s modern technologies in the online space. I have big dreams.

Ehsan Khebkhah

Director of Publishers

My fist internet experience was in 1995. At the time, I had access to internet through BBS network which was something like Teletext, and it was interesting for me. Today, alongside the best people in Clickyab, I follow great expectations.

Anna Alikhani

Sales Manager

My childhood dream was to work in the Walt Disney Company, but my life way was changes as I entered the IT and marketing world; and as I started working in the digital world in Iran, I realized that good things are on the way, and why I do not use the opportunities that exist here. I started my first digital experience as the manager of Marketing Mozando (Later Bamilo), and as I entered to the digital world, I achieved all the sense of change and diversity that I wanted; and now, I do not want at any price to go back to the offline world. However small, I change my world and the world of people around me because I want to be a part of great successes and events.

Foroud Ghafuri


Bita’s father, full-time father and husband, part-time programmer, interested in learning, anime, manga and comic strip, interested in Java, C, Python, PHP, Golang programming.