Native Ad in Iran



Smart system Clickyab will display your ad on websites and applications that are related to your business, and therefore, you will experience the best performance of your campaign.

Exclusive List

With the facility of white list and black list, you can select an exclusive list of publishers for displaying your ads or you can determine where your ad appear or vise versa.

Operating System (OS)

If you want that your viewers view your ads by any of the operating systems Windows, Mac OS X, Android, IOS, Linux/Uni, this facility may be suitable for your advertising campaign.

Geographic Region

If your business is related to a specific region of Iran, then you can display your ads for users in a specific province or city by the targeting facility.


By the use of this facility, you can determine in what time interval of day your ads appear for users, and you may also avoid wasting extra costs.


The calculation of the price per click is determined among advertisers by “Bidding Pricing”.

The minimum price per click on the web and mobile web is 1500 Rials.
The higher your bid for the click rate, the higher your advertising chance for being displayed.

Ad format

We support standard Ads dimensions in Clickyab and the maximum size of any file with GIF or JPEG format is 100 KB. Banner Ads with inappropriate appearance will be rejected.
Note the different dimensions of banners:





Fraud Detection

By the use of complex algorithms and in the Real-Time all the clicks will be traced by the smart fraud detection system of Clickyab, and unreal clicks will not be considered for you.

Some Advertisers

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